We offer many convenient ways to for you to receive your refund. Receive your refund quickly, no need to wait on a paper check to come in the mail with our Refund Transfers you will receive both speed and security in receiving your refunds.

Direct Deposit

Already have a bank account? No need to come in the office, with this convenient method of payment we will deposit your refund directly into your bank account. This is a good way to avoid check cashing fees or delays caused by extended holds from your bank on a deposited check.

Bank Check

If your local you can pick up your check from the safety and convenience of our office. Receive text notification when your check is available for pick up. Have your check cashed at several affordable and convenient locations including Walmart, Wells Fargo, HEB and more!

Green Dot Prepaid Card

Don’t have a bank account? Have your refund direct deposited to a Green Dot Prepaid Card and eliminate waiting on a paper check. No check cashing fees on the tax refund deposited! Continue to use your Green Dot Prepaid after your tax refund is deposited, direct deposit your payroll , government benefits and more.

Walmart Direct 2 Cash

This is a paperless option that allows you to pick up your tax refund at Walmart. A $10 or less Walmart Direct to cash fee will be charged and deducted from refund.

How it works

  • Provide a mobile number for text messaging or an email address when you file your return to select Walmart Direct2Cash
  • Receive a Walmart reference number by text message or email to take to Walmart to pick up cash
  • Go to Walmart with your Identification to pick up your cash

Available at Participating Walmart locations for disbursements up to $7500

*Fees Apply To All Refund Transfers, Speak With Your Tax Specialist About Pricing Options