We Make Tax Time Simple For You!

Filing your taxes on time and accurately is very important for our clients. Filing on time helps prevent penalties and added interest. We have discovered a simple and fast way for our clients to have their taxes filed electronically with the IRS.

Our process is simple

  1. Answer a few basic questions
  2. Upload your w2s, 1099s, 1098, Interest Statements and any other income statement you may have, along with a list of expenses you incurred in 2018. (expenses can be printed or typed)
  3. Upload a copy of your Driver’s License or Government Issued ID, along with a copy of yours and any dependents Social Security card

Once we receive your uploaded documents we will review all information for accuracy and prepare your individual, business, and or state tax refund. You will be contacted by email or phone from your Tax Practitioner, based on your preference, with any additional questions or concern to accurately prepare your return. You will also be contacted to be informed of your expected refund amount or amount due. Depending on your personal situation. You would be offered a loan amount up to $6000, if your interested in applying for a loan, based on your expected refund amount. Pay $250 Flat Rate Tax Preparation fee and have refund direct deposited to into your bank. If you don’t have the $250 fee up front you can allow the fees to come out of your refund plus a bank fee will be added in the amount of $129.99 it will be subtracted from your overall refund amount. Choose to have refund direct deposited, receive a printed check, or get it on a Netspend Prepaid Card. Easily Upload your documents Now! If you agree with all the details of your return you will receive a digital copy of your full return to accept and sign and then your tax return will be submitted.

*We Currently Do Not Provide Tax Services In The Following States

California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Washington or Maine